December 2, 2012;Baltimore, MD, USA; Pittsburgh Steelers safety Ryan Clark (25) takes his shoes off to give to a fan after beating the Baltimore Ravens 23-20 at M

Ryan Clark drops Twitter account to focus on training

Sometimes as a sports writer you come across a story so stupid that you feel obligated to write about it.

That would be the case with Pittsburgh Steelers’ safety Ryan Clark and his Twitter account.

Nov 25, 2012; Cleveland, OH, USA; Pittsburgh Steelers free safety Ryan Clark (25) on the sidelines in the fourth quarter against the Cleveland Browns at Cleveland Browns Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

Clark, who likes to run his mouth as much as he likes to play football, recently deleted his Twitter account to focus on rehab and training, according to a tweet from his wife Yonka.

The first question, and I guess this is the age we live in now, is how could a professional athlete such as Clark allow something like Twitter to distract him from training for his job in the first place? It’s not the fact that he deleted his account, but it is the point that some professional athletes have gotten to the point where they have allowed something like Twitter to serve as a distraction.

Then there is the fact that it had to be addressed to begin with.

It amazes me that some athletes, and I won’t necessarily lump Clark in with that group, feel the need to be in the spotlight so much that during Super Bowl week, when the spotlight is shined on other players, they need to do something dumb to get the public talking about them instead.

I give Clark credit for focusing on his rehab and training but to make people think that shutting down his Twitter account will help him do that is ridiculous.

But to all of his Twitter followers, don’t worry Clark will be back. He has pulled this stunt once before.

As soon as he needs his name back out there it is all but assured he will resurface on Twitter before long.

I’m done. I have to go tweet that.

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