Sep 16, 2012; Pittsburgh , PA, USA; Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger (7) talks with offensive coordinator Todd Haley during the second half of the game against the New York Jets at Heinz Field. The Steelers won the game, 27-10. Mandatory Credit: Jason Bridge-USA TODAY Sports

Pittsburgh Steelers: Ben Roethlisberger called out Todd Haley after loss to Dolphins

It’s been a few weeks since Pittsburgh Steelers offensive coordinator Todd Haley has come under fire for the Steelers’ woes, but that changed after the loss to the Miami Dolphins on Sunday.

After having some pretty good success running the football in the first quarter, Haley completely abandoned the run for the final three quarters, which ultimately hurt the Steelers. That especially was true late in the game when the Steelers were protecting a 28-24 lead and did not attempt to run the football to work the clock and move the chains.

September 16, 2012; Pittsburgh, PA, USA; Pittsburgh Steelers offensive coordinator Todd Haley (left) talks with quarterback Ben Roethlisberger (7) on the sidelines against the New York Jets during the third quarter at Heinz Field. The Pittsburgh Steelers won 27-10. Mandatory Credit: Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

That left me shaking my head and it apparently irked quarterback Ben Roethlisberger as well as he pretty much threw Haley under the bus when talking to reporters following the game.

The Steelers ran the ball down Miami’s throat early, handing the rock to rookie Le’Veon Bell eight times on the team’s 12-play touchdown drive in the opening quarter. Bell then touched the ball only once in the second quarter and had only five carries in the second half.

The formula was working, so why go drastically away from it?

Roethlisberger referred questions to Haley when asked pretty much the same thing.

“Their scheme, I don’t know, there was no particular reason,” said Roethlisberger via the Post-Gazette.

He also told Aditi Kinkhabwala of the NFL Network: “No idea. Coach Haley’s over there. You can ask him.”

Personally I say good for Roethlisberger here. Both he and Bell were frustrated after the game and it makes little sense that Haley and company would switch the game plan so drastically when things were clearly working.

Even though Big Ben had another big game, abandoning the run likely played a role in costing the Steelers a much-needed victory.

At the end of the day, the proposed rift between Haley and Roethlisberger may have been repaired for a short period of time, but one thing has been clear as of late: Haley has been a major problem for two years now.

I’m the last guy who will point the finger at the offensive coordinator because I generally hate when Steelers fans quickly resort to that.

But defensive deficiencies aside, this one I hang on Haley and it should cost him his job.

If there is a Round 3 between Big Ben and Haley I will be very shocked.

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  • Rick C

    Obviously Haley is trying to undermine this team, to solidify his future with another team, or he has a personal vendetta against the Steelers. I pray they get rid of Haley as soon as the last game ends.

    • Matt Gajtka

      It’s just not working. Time for the Steelers to cut their losses, and I think they will.

  • da-dog

    I would like to know who called the deep pass play in the second quarter on 3rd & three … it seemed like a dumb call not to get the three down before going deep !

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  • Jimmy Stuart

    I would like the Steelers to take a look at Gary Kubiak as offensive coordinator. He works will with a strong armed QB who can throw it down field (Elway) and balance that with a strong running game.(Davis/ Foster). Thoughts ?