Pittsburgh Penguins slowly revealing new Stadium Series jersey through Twitter

Tickets for the Pittsburgh Penguins’ upcoming Stadium Series game against the Chicago Blackhawks went on sale Wednesday morning, but what the Pens will wear March 1 at Soldier Field remains a mystery.

As many teams have done over the past few months when unveiling previously-unseen jersey sets, the Penguins are releasing teaser photos on their official Twitter account to build up the anticipation. The full uniform for Pittsburgh’s third outdoor game in six seasons will be revealed at 2 p.m. Friday, the Pens have shown us two small parts of it as of Thursday morning.

While the first photo simply puts the Stadium Series patch on display, the one tweeted Wednesday night gives us a little more insight into what the Penguins will go with:


So what are we seeing here? Is this the neck of the sweater, or as Chris at Icethetics proposed, could it be the shoulder leading down into the arm? A hint of something (a number or logo?) lingers at the bottom of the picture, so maybe the smart money is on this being a shot of the sleeve. At the very least, we can project the jersey will be predominantly black with Vegas gold and white accents.

Anyone hoping for a throwback – or a faux-back – like the Penguins donned for their two Winter Classic appearances will probably be disappointed. As we’ve seen with what the Islanders, Ducks and Kings will wear in their outdoor games, the NHL is going with a “futuristic” or modern look in the first year of the Stadium Series.

The Penguins’ first two outdoor-game jerseys were so popular they became part of the team’s regular uniform rotation for multiple seasons afterward. Pittsburgh wore a facsimile of its mid-1970s light-blue unis for the 2008 Winter Classic in Buffalo; in 2011, the team went with a mash-up of previous designs and rendered it in a darker blue.

Keep it here on City of Champions for more updates on the gradual unveiling of the Penguins’ Stadium Series uniform.

UPDATE (2:30 p.m.) – The Penguins released the third photo of the series, which reveals a little more white:


Obviously this is a seam of some sort, perhaps near the collar. If we compare it to the Kings’ jersey, what we see above could easily be where the collar meets the contrasting block of color on the shoulder.

Also, this latest hint means I was probably wrong when I thought it would be a black sweater. The shoulders and sleeves are likely black, with the majority of the torso being white. I would guess the standard skating penguin crest is on the front, but maybe the next clue will clarify that situation.

UPDATE (11:20 p.m.) – The Pittsburgh Tribune-Review‘s Rob Rossi posted a small tidbit about the new jerseys Thursday night. He mentioned they “will have a metallic look and commemorative patch,” two things we already knew by looking at the rest of the Stadium Series jerseys that have been released.

However, Rossi also wrote that the new uni won’t feature a new logo, so we will once again see the familiar flightless fowl on the chest of the jersey.

UPDATE (12:30 p.m. Friday) – Here’s the final picture in the series, just released:


My best guess for this snippet: on the shoulder, leading down the arm. Also, upon further review, I think the first photo posted above may be near the cuff of the sleeve. All the speculation ends at 2 p.m. What do you think it’ll look like?

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