Derek Stingley Discusses Week that was and Week Ahead for Power


The following was part of this week’s Derek Stingley press conference

On not playing Friday possibly setting Mike Tomczak back: “Actually no, because it gives us another week to maybe install a couple more plays. It’s making him go back into the playbook that we’ve created to make sure that all of the rules we have on the offensive side of the ball and where guys have to adjust.”

Will he call plays this week: “There is a good chance that he’ll be out on the field where him and I will be together in communications. I have etched that in stone as of yet, but there’s a good chance that he could be out on the field calling plays.”

How did last week affect the players: “Our players were ready to play. They were chomping at the bit even now it feels like we had a bye week. Some of the players made mention that they feel like a bunch of caged animals and can’t wait to get back out there because they were ready to play.”

Message to team before game was called: “We still have a job to do and that we’re in Cleveland for a reason and that’s to play football. Mentally we need to prepare as if this game was still going on because we didn’t know if the game was going to start at 8, 8:30, 9, if other players were going to play but my guys needed to be mentally ready and they were truly focused.”

Most focus thus far this season: “We were prepared for the unknown, so yes they were focused. Now I think they realize where I come from as a head coach, we just always have to be prepared and expect the unexpected at times.”

Optimistic that issues will work out: “My job is to coach these guys and get them ready to play and to let them know that the next opponent is at hand for us not what’s going on.”

On matchup vs Milwaukee Mustangs: “They’re in our division, so it’s going to be a fight. They have a defensive line that brings pressure. They have a pretty good run package when they get down to the goal line. Defensively we have to deal with an offense that has been putting up a lot of points lately. I was talking with the defensive backs the last couple of days, and this team has been scoring a lot so we need to stay in our game plan.”

On their week one lockout: “Some of the players are thinking if we didn’t have to go through this week one, maybe our record would be different, maybe Coach Seigfried would still be here. They don’t want to think about this labor issue as something that’s going to mentally slow us down a little bit. I’m not allowing them to think that.”