Pittsburgh Steelers Showed Good And Bad Signs Against Jaguars


Each week the NFL demonstrates that it’s all about the finish.

For once the Steelers’ finish won them the game, not lost it.

Going into the fourth quarter leaning on a 10-point first half last Sunday, the Steelers offense was moving down the field when Roethlisberger was sacked and fumbled. But instead of allowing another Florida Clipper to be unleashed, the Steelers defense rose up and delivered the win, bringing their record to 3-2.

Here is the good, the bad and the SMH moments of the Steelers’ Week 5 win:

1. Fourth-Quarter Team

Roethlisberger’s red-zone fumble to start the fourth quarter was unfortunately no surprise to a team that continues to blow leads. They way the team responded, specifically the defense, showed promise.

With the ball on Jacksonville’s 17, Lawrence Timmons re-positioned James Harrison into slot coverage. Harrison responded with a tackle for a two-yard loss of Denard Robinson. The next play, Troy Polamalu pressured rookie QB Blake Bortles to throw to the hot read on the right side. Brice McCain slipped in front of the Jaguars receiver for a pick-six.

After the ensuing kickoff, the Steelers defense held the Jaguars to to just 21 yards, but the Steelers offense failed to launch once again, forcing the Steelers to punt. And that punt? Not a 29-yard shank like the Tampa Bay debacle but instead Brad Wing booted a 51-yarder, putting the Jaguars on their own 19 with 5:28 left in the game.

The defense forced another three-and-out with Polamalu making a tackle for a loss and Brett Keisel disrupting Bortles. Roethlisberger and the Steelers offense finally managed to burn over four minutes of clock taking a knee for the victory.

2. Maybe Snoop Dogg is Right?

Snoop Dogg’s weekly tirades on offensive coordinator Todd Haley’s incompetency have been comedic at the very least. But is he on to something? Here’s a recap of the Jaguars defense vs. the Steelers and their three prior foes:


10-17 Jax loss to Pittsburgh1 TD / 1 FG

Ben Roethlisberger – 273 passing yardsWEEK 4

14-33 Jax loss to San Diego3 TDs / 4 FGs

Philip Rivers – 377 passing yardsWEEK 3

17-44 Jax loss to Indianapolis4 TDs / 3 FGs

Andrew Luck – 370 passing yardsWEEK 2

10-41 Jaguar loss to Washington5 TDs / 3 FGs

Kirk Cousins (replaced RG III) – 250 yards

The Steelers gained just 22 yards in their first two possessions in Jacksonville. After Cortez Allen’s leaping interception, the Steelers moved the ball a whole 11 yards before asking the punter to save them once again.

Too many times the Steelers offense was unable to string together back-to-back first downs. Looking at how Luck, Cousins and Rivers tore up the same defense, it’s a valid concern. Haley continues to be unproductive with all the weapons on the Steelers offense.

It has left both fans and head coach Mike Tomlin shaking their heads.