Pitt Panthers: Inside The Mind Of Football Commit, Chase Pine


As the summer wanes, each of us is eager and bracing for what the next handful of months can bring, but all with different views. For Chase Pine, his mind is focusing on becoming a more well-rounded linebacker as he heads into his senior season at Lafayette High School in Williamsburg, Virginia.

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At the conclusion of his junior season, the Virginia linebacker’s talents garnered a three-star rating, courtesy of Rivals. While his team didn’t share a great deal of feats as a group, the success he had personally came with a myriad of scholarship offers from all over the country. To name a handful: Pitt, Georgia, California, Virginia Tech, and West Virginia.

His decision was in, and..

Let’s dive a little deeper into the commitment and the focus’ that Pine plans on taking up until his move-in day next fall.

As a player, we are to expect:

“…. a player that will always be working to become better. Because a person who learns will prevail. I am known for coming off the ball hard and hitting anything in my way.”

Too true, just take a look..

Where he can just relax and let the game come to him, that’s not exactly the route he plans to take. He is very ambitious and initiative which should pay dividends in the not-too-distant future when he walks onto campus. Pine is firmly aware of the challenges that will confront him, but understands that he is not alone in the mission to be great.

When asked, “What is one area, per self-analysis, that you feel you need to improve upon in your senior season to make an impact as a freshman in 2016?”

Pine responded;

“I would say guarding the slot(receiver). I have to get bigger, stronger, and faster like almost any freshman.”

Which is fantastic because he could become the most athletic linebacker that the program has seen in years. The mission that will be placed on him isn’t as simple as stopping the run and rushing the passer, despite being great at each. With his vicious speed and overall alertness to what the offense is doing, he will be asked to cover some of the fastest players on the field in the slot as an outside linebacker.

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  • Some have the misconception that it’s so easy for these talented athletes, that they can choose wherever they want to attend and they don’t really care about themselves and their futures just to go to a “destination program.” That wasn’t the case for Pine.

    With diligence, he approached the commitment and its duties with his family by his side. Something stood out among the others. While Notre Dame was a clear favorite, Chase did not hold out forever for a scholarship offer. Instead, presented with the plan of opportunity and the assembled staff on defense, he chose Pitt. A decision in which he feels the most confident.

    My favorite part of the interview was when I posed the question, “Who was the biggest factor in your commitment to Pitt?”

    Without hesitation;

    “Biggest factor for sure was Coach Harley.”

    I have harped endlessly at the effect the coaching staff has had in all facets of recruiting and the re-branding of the Pitt program. But I have spent the most time, appropriately, on linebackers coach Rob Harley. He presents a contagious aura upon those he encounters, and clearly, this was no exception.

    Chase has welcomed the “Rob Harley Mentality” with open arms. He himself seems to be hitting the recruiting trail. He can be seen on Twitter lobbying other recruits to join him at Pitt.

    With that, I asked him, “Do you feel a particular responsibility in lobbying for other 2016 recruits to make the same decision you ultimately made?”

    Pine replied, “Yes. I want the best recruits to come play for a team that is up and coming. I want them to know that they are wanted.”

    Also, he noted that he has had personal contact with each.

    Work your magic, Chase!

    Chase also had a special message for all Pitt fans..

    "“Pittsburgh, I cannot wait to come up and play PANTHER football and make a championship run!”"

    I would like to take the due time to thank Chase for the time he committed towards answering some questions. It is immensely appreciated.

    Again, Thank You!


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