Should Pitt Play Penn State Or WVU Every Season?


Pitt Fans: Mountaineers Or Nittany Lions Or Both?

When it comes to college football and basketball rivalries, it is always fun blasting friends from your school’s rival. In my case, having gone to high school as a Pitt fan in Weirton, West Virginia, I found some fun in the Pitt vs. WVU rivalry.

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Over the years, especially in college football and basketball, the rivalry was fierce, leading to Pitt/ WVU discussions (or arguments) in the classroom, as well as the social media battles that continue today. Check out my Twitter and Facebook Pitt posts and you will know what I mean.

WVU fans do not like Pitt, and Pitt fans do not like WVU. I do not think you can like both unless you are a fair-weather fan. I suffered through some football beatings over recent years and still get mad seeing Pat White meow on the sidelines, but Pitt fans got the ultimate gift in the 13-9 debacle where Pitt prevented WVU from playing in the National Championship.

I will cherish that moment for the rest of my life, and I still thank LeSean McCoy and his juking abilities to this day. WVU got some revenge, knocking off No. 8 Pitt 19-16 on a game-winning field goal in 2009, a game that was the most watched on ESPN2. The final game in 2011 was decided by a game-winning field goal for a 21-20 WVU victory.

The rivalry clearly matters.

In basketball, my first away game was No.2 Pitt at WVU in the Coliseum, in which Brandon Knight, Julius Page, and Chevon Troutman roughed up the Mountaineers. I also recall the Ronald Ramon buzzer beater at the Pete to defeat WVU, though there were so many other memorable battles. Who else disliked the their squad with Kevin Pittsnogle, Mike Gansey, and Patrick Beilein?

And that is why it was such a fun rivalry, as both teams experienced the glory of victory and agony of defeat.

However, a few years ago, Pitt indicated its intention to move to the ACC, whereas WVU moved onto the Big 12. I still don’t see how they are a good fit in that conference, and I would imagine that traveling takes a toll on their program. The downfall with the move was that the Backyard Brawl came to an abrupt end, as football and basketball do not play each other now.

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  • I continue to have debates against my WVU buddies, but they are not as entertaining since both teams do not play. I’d much rather see my Pitt Panthers knock them around on the turf and hardwood before instigating some arguments.

    WVU has expressed interest in renewing the rivalry, while several of their fans claim that Pitt is “scared” to play the Mountaineers.

    Really? Come on!

    In the most important moneymaker in college athletics (football), Pitt leads the series 61-40-3. Since 1997, WVU has a slight advantage 9 to 6, but why would Pitt be scared?

    I don’t see Pitt fearing WVU, but I think the Panthers have another priority:

    The renewal of the in-state football rivalry with Penn State.

    Pitt will battle the Nittany Lions at Heinz Field in 2016, and I am very excited for the renewal of this rivalry. I honestly do not remember the last time (2000) that Pitt and Penn State faced off in football, though Pitt has won the basketball contests of late.

    Pitt will play Penn State from 2016 to 2019, with the hopes of extending into the future.

    Once considered a big-time rivalry with national implications, the importance dropped as Pitt joined the Big East and Penn State joined the Big Ten.

    It’ll be nice to have Penn State back on the schedule, but I also think Pitt needs to seriously consider the re-addition of the Mountaineers.

    WVU has designated Pitt as its key rival, as their fans scream “Eat **** Pitt” at all of their football games, and they edited Pitt’s Sweet Caroline during College GameDay last season.

    In my opinion, I think Pitt football should always play Penn State and WVU each year in nonconference. This would leave two additional openings, of which one could be Notre Dame, Ohio State, or another Power 5 opponent, and the other could vary as well.

    We know that every Pitt/ WVU and Pitt/ Penn State football matchup would sell out, so why not give the fans what they want?

    Would you prefer Pitt to face both teams each season, or would you rather only play Penn State or WVU?

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