Pittsburgh Steelers: Ten Questions For Fans


All across Social Media, everyone is venting their opinion about whether the Pittsburgh Steelers should talk to or bring in veteran quarterback Michael Vick as a back-up for Ben Roethlisberger. I thought I would ask Steelers Country a series of questions to see what you are thinking about the Black and Gold.

1) Here is your chance to weigh in on Pittsburgh’s current situation. Do we really believe in second chances?

2) Which leads to this topic to consider. Who should the Turk go after?

3) There is another free agent out there who brings a lot of baggage with him. Would this be another line that the Steelers should not cross?

4) When it comes down to the 53-Man Roster in the days ahead…

5) The Steelers are seeking depth on the offensive line. Is going with a familiar face a good idea?

6) Back to the make up of the overall roster…

7) Another thought about special teams. Should Mike Tomlin and Company at least bring in some competition?

8) Now, let’s talk about that pesky tight end position…

9) Who do you like from among the New Kids on the Block…

10) The Steelers have brought back former players to be assistant coaches through the years including Carnell Lake and Joey Porter. Who would you like to see back on the sidelines?

You can also let your fellow fans know your thoughts on some of these questions in the comments section below.

The Pittsburgh Steelers travel to Buffalo Saturday, Aug. 29 to take on the Bills in preseason action at Ralph Wilson Stadium. The game gets underway at 4 p.m.

From The Clipboard: Mike Tomlin has put up 82 wins in his first eight seasons. It is the most wins in team history for any coach after eight campaigns…Pittsburgh and Buffalo will meet for the second straight year in preseason action Saturday…The Steelers have played 20 games in primetime since the 2011 season.

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