NFL: Week 2 Quick Strikes


Some teams in the NFL are 2-0, some are 1-1, and there are teams still looking for their first victory. A rundown of last week’s action lies ahead.

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Arizona Cardinals: Arizona crushes the Bears and squashes Jay Cutler.

Atlanta Falcons: Already two games up on the New Orleans Saints and surprisingly 2-0.

Baltimore Ravens: Would Terrell Suggs have helped avoid losing to THE RAIDERS?

Buffalo Bills: Buffalo did a lot of chattering leading up to last Sunday. Then they got schooled.

Carolina Panthers: Thank goodness for a suspect division. It’s any of the four teams opportunity to take the title.

Chicago Bears: Jay Cutler goes out, Jimmy Clausen goes in and it goes downhill.

Cincinnati Bengals: The Bengals are doing the usual … winning in the regular season. Then comes the playoffs. Ouch.

Cleveland Browns: Johnny Football plays pretty well and then finds himself a backup…again. Go figure.

Dallas Cowboys: Losing Dez Bryant was one thing. Losing Tony Romo is a HUGE thing.

Denver Broncos: Peyton is not done just yet. He’s always dangerous even when he is not playing well.

Detroit Lions: One of those teams without a win. Detroit can ill afford to fall too far behind Green Bay.

Green Bay Packers: Preview of the NFC championship in beating Seattle?

Houston Texans: JJ Watt can’t carry this team to victories week in and week out. Besides, he plays defense. You have to score to win.

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  • Indianapolis Colts: Is it panic time yet?

    Jacksonville Jaguars: Nice win over Miami. New England on the road next. Oh my. Good luck.

    Kansas City Chiefs: Can Jamaal Charles say choke?

    Miami Dolphins: Miami is supposed to be a contender this season. Then they ran into the Jags.

    Minnesota Vikings: Adrian Peterson is back in a groove. At least for this game with 134 yards rushing, but that included two fumbles.

    New England Patriots: Two games in and their offense is already lighting teams up.

    New Orleans Saints: Losing at home to upstart Tampa and 0-2. Another “Aints” season in the making?

    New York Giants: Eli is becoming a forgotten hero from Super Bowls past.

    New York Jets: They looked pretty good in beating Indy. How good are they…really?

    Oakland Raiders: Great comeback win. Believe you me, this team is dangerous.

    Philadelphia Eagles: A few more losses and the Eagles fans will be spewing their hatred…on their own team.

    Pittsburgh Steelers: A beautiful win on both sides of the ball.

    San Diego Chargers: Nothing has really stood out in San Diego’s first two games. Business as usual.

    San Francisco 49ers: It will be interesting to see how this team recovers facing the hot Arizona Cardinals in the desert this weekend.

    Seattle Seahawks: Is the absence of Kam Chancellor playing a role in the 0-2 record?

    St. Louis Rams:  Good start with the upsets of the Seahawks, then a downer losing to the Redskins. How will they handle the Big Ben and Antonio show?

    Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Very nice upset first-ever NFL win for rookie Jameis Winston.

    Tennessee Titans: Last week rookie Marcus Mariota outplays fellow top rookie Winston, and then  he goes to Cleveland and gets sacked seven times as his team’s loses by two scores.

    Washington Redskins: No one expected a 14-point victory over the surprising Rams but there it is in the books.

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