NFL: Around The League With Week Five Quick Strikes


This needs no introduction…just a few words as we bounce around the NFL.

Arizona Cardinals: Pittsburgh’s next foe crushes the winless Lions 42-17. Big time OUCH.

Atlanta Falcons: Who will beat the Falcons first? Maybe the Saints at home on Thursday?

Baltimore Ravens: Surprise losing team of the year thus far. 1-4? Who would have thought. Make that 1-5 after they lose to the hungry 49ers out west on Sunday.

Buffalo Bills: Root root root for the Bills! They take on the unbeaten Bengals Sunday in Buffalo.

Carolina Panthers: Quietly sitting at 4-0 that streak should change come this weekend in Seattle.

Chicago Bears: With an upset of the Chiefs in Kansas City, the Bears look to hand Detroit another loss. Can you believe Matthew Stafford got benched? Michael Vick beware, Landry Jones be ready!

Cincinnati Bengals: Bengals fans and NFL fans alike know this all too well. Solid regular season…lose in the first round of the playoffs. Is this team good enough to defeat New England or even Denver? So says here…NO.

Cleveland Browns: Beating the Ravens on their turf? Awesome!

Dallas Cowboys: Their bye week could not come soon enough.

Denver Broncos: All that negative Peyton Manning talk is wish wash. His team is undefeated.

Detroit Lions: It’s like Lions days of old! Losing…losing…losing.

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  • Green Bay Packers: The best team in the NFC right now hands down.

    Houston Texans: Changing quarterbacks like changing pants on a daily basis.

    Indianapolis Colts: Starting to jell but wait…here come the Patriots!

    Jacksonville Jaguars: Their season for all practical purposes is already over. If they lose to Houston at home, they can start thinking about how to turn this team around for next year.

    Kansas City Chiefs: Losing at home to the Bears was bad enough. Losing Jamaal Charles for the year is way worse.

    Miami Dolphins: First game out with a new head coach at home. Should result in a win facing the Titans.

    Minnesota Vikings:Coming off their bye week to host the Chiefs, nice game for them to get back into action.

    New England Patriots: This team is on a mission. Look out for whoever is in their way. The “inflate gate” instigators get a taste of the ticked off Tom Brady this weekend.

    New Orleans Saints: The Saints have to be the season’s biggest disappointment.

    New York Giants: A game in Philly next Monday night should be lots of fun.

    Pittsburgh Steelers
    Pittsburgh Steelers /

    Pittsburgh Steelers

    New York Jets: Jets are a dangerous team and you just never know what you’ll get from them.

    Oakland Raiders: Better than their record they let a big one get away last week by losing to Denver.

    Philadelphia Eagles: Will the real Philadelphia Eagles please stand up?

    Pittsburgh Steelers: Beautiful finish…now get it done at home against the 4-1 Cards.

    San Diego Chargers: Philip Rivers is just not that likeable a guy. But he can play quarterback!

    San Francisco 49ers: A stinging loss to the Giants may result in a bounce back win over the faltering Ravens.

    Seattle Seahawks: Not as dominant as the last two years, they are still VERY good.

    St. Louis Rams: Rams only score 10 but rookie odd Gurley runs for 159 at a 5.3 per-carry clip. That includes a 55-yarder. Nice.

    Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Outscoring the Jags 38-31, they are right in the thick of things in the AFC South if Atlanta loses one or two.

    Tennessee Titans: Who’s worse? Jacksonville or Tennessee? Jacksonville.

    Washington Redskins: Almost handed the Falcons their first defeat. R.G.III who?

    My pick for Thursday night’s game ahead of my weekly picks? New Orleans 31 Atlanta 27.

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