NFL: Hoping For Strong Week Nine Selections


Can Harv top an 11-2 record from week eight in the National Football League? Missing just the Pittsburgh game and the upset of the Falcons by Tampa all other NFL winners were correctly picked aside from final scores not being exact.

But 11 game winners were correct and that might be hard to top in week nine. It’s hard to believe we’ve surpassed the halfway point of the 2015 season but the second half begins with the “Battle for Ohio.”

Cleveland Browns at Cincinnati Bengals: The first showdown for the state of Ohio in 2015 takes place on Thursday night in Cincinnati and once again Johnny Manziel takes the reigns at quarterback for the Cleveland Browns. The Bengals remain undefeated and will stay that way at the final gun. Bengals 41 Browns 10.

Washington Redskins at New England Patriots: When will the Patriots lose a game? Not on this day. Patriots 39 Redskins 3.

Tennessee Titans at New Orleans Saints: You have to feel for Ken Whisenhunt. He loses a job opportunity to Mike Tomlin in Pittsburgh; becomes head coach in Arizona and gets fired; and is handed a pink slip this week in Tennessee as their head coach. The Titans will try to regroup with former Steelers offensive coordinator and previously experienced head coach Mike Mularkey taking over for Whis heading into New Orleans. The Saints are coming off a record game against the Giants were over 100 points were scored combined and Drew Brees tossing seven touchdowns. The follow-up won’t be as grand but the numbers won’t be small. Saints 38 Titans 21.

Green Bay Packers at Carolina Panthers: When will the Panthers lose a game? On this day. Packers 27 Panthers 20.

St. Louis Rams at Minnesota Vikings: A mix of a lot of good, young talent. This will be a good game to watch with two teams having their arrows pointing up. Vikings 30 Rams 27.

Oakland Raiders at Pittsburgh Steelers: The coming preview will talk about going back to a Le’Veon Bell-less backfield and Pittsburgh’s dire situation.

Miami Dolphins at Buffalo Bills: Two teams all over the place this season. It could go either way, but the homers should take it. Bills 23 Dolphins 17.

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Jacksonville Jaguars at New York Jets: The first season without Rex Ryan for years has not gone so well. Still, the Jets are above .500 at 4-3 but probably stand no chance of catching New England. Jacksonville surprised Buffalo two weeks ago, but they are out of surprises. Jets 24 Jaguars 21.

Atlanta Falcons at San Francisco 49ers: Colin Kaepernick gets benched. About time? Perhaps. Former Jaguar Blaine Gabbert takes over. Atlanta is ticked for sure dropping that game to Tampa. Something tells me 49ers find a spark behind Gabbert. 49ers 24 Falcons 21.

New York Giants at Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Tampa shocked Atlanta, now they shock the ‘Gints. Bucs 34 Giants 27.

Denver Broncos at Indianapolis Colts: Really…what has happened to Andrew Luck? He won’t be so lucky on Sunday. Broncos 31 Colts 14.

Philadelphia Eagles at Dallas Cowboys: Dallas held their own against Seattle and could have reversed that decision. Now a tough division game another which could go either way. Cowboys 30 Eagles 24.

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Chicago Bears at San Diego Chargers: This is your Monday night feast for week nine. Weak it is. Not a fun game to watch between two teams who have won just four of 11 games this season. Expect a huge game from Philip Rivers. Chargers 33 Bears 23.

There it is NFL fans. Week nine’s picks in the books. Just seven more weeks to go after this weekend. Then it is the playoffs and Super Bowl. It will be here before you know it!