NFL: Harv’s Week 10 Picks And Winners


After a great week comes a mediocre week nine. Six up and six down. That’s what Harv came up with in picking last week’s National Football League winners and losers. With the undefeated teams down to three, that is an NFL record for undefeated teams heading into the league’s 10th week. Will the Patriots, Bengals, or Panthers reach week 11 without a loss? The forecast lies ahead.

Buffalo Bills at New York Jets: Both teams are coming off solid wins. The battle for New York minus the Giants takes place in New Jersey and the “New Jersey Jets” will be the victors. Jets 24 Bills 21.

Detroit Lions at Green Bay Packers: Green Bay is loser of two in a row but it won’t be three. NO CHANCE. Packers 45 Lions 10.

Dallas Cowboys at Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Don’t take this Bucs team lightly Dallas. They are no joke. Bucs 31 Cowboys 27.

Carolina Panthers at Tennessee Titans: A week after shocking the Saints on their turf, in come the Panthers who remain unbeaten. Panthers 33 Titans 13.

Chicago Bears at St. Louis Rams: Chicago surprised the Chargers on the road, they stay traveling this week to St. Louis where they lose. Rams 23 Bears 21.

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Jacksonville Jaguars at Baltimore Ravens: Baltimore had an extra week off to lick their wounds, now they get to beat up on the Jaguars. Ravens 37 Jaguars 24.

Cleveland Browns at Pittsburgh Steelers: As it is every week, this pick comes with the preview.

Miami Dolphins at Philadelphia Eagles: The Eagles got a much needed win in Dallas last Sunday now they get a game they should not lose at home. Eagles 31 Dolphins 17.

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  • New Orleans Saints at Washington Redskins: They gave a valiant effort in New England and they will have to repeat that performance again and then some to get past the Saints who were embarrassed a week ago by Tennessee. Redskins 30 Saints 27.

    Minnesota Vikings at Oakland Raiders: This could be the game of the week. Two upstart teams playing so much better than a season ago. The Vikings are hoping Teddy Bridgewater has recovered by game time from the nasty dirty hit laid on him last week that left him with his lights out. Two rising teams battle. Raiders 34 Vikings 31.

    New England Patriots at New York Giants: Undefeated team #2. How strange and ironic is it that when the New England Patriots had their undefeated season at 16-0 and cruised to the Super Bowl at 18-0, were upended by these same New York Giants in the Super Bowl? Several years later, the Pats are without a loss again in week 10 and the Giants have a chance to hand New England their first defeat. Coming off that Redskins performance, something tells me this is an upset in the making. Giants 30 Patriots 28.

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    Kansas City Chiefs at Denver Broncos: A west division showdown but I can’t see the Broncos losing a second game in a row. Broncos 24 Chiefs 14.

    Arizona Cardinals at Seattle Seahawks: The day’s second west division showdown this one in the NFC. The game is super critical to Seattle who with a 4-4 record, badly needs to win this one to inch closer to 6-2 Arizona. 12th man should be rocking! Seahawks 33 Cardinals 31.

    Houston Texans at Cincinnati Bengals: Last but not least are the unbeaten Bengals. With a victory, no matter what Pittsburgh does, Cincinnati can all but clinch the AFC North unless they happen to falter in the final seven games. Unlikely. Bengals 39 Texans 9.

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    One final opinion that was a popular topic last weekend. That of Greg Hardy. Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones decided to keep the troubled linebacker Greg Hardy on his team. This despite very descriptive photos released to the world of damages he inflicted on his ex-girlfriend. Anyone who has followed the story knows the details. The problem is that Ray Rice is caught on camera committing domestic abuse and he is thrown from the league. Hardy is guilty of the same sort of behavior and he continues to play.

    The NFL has its priorities mixed up and sends the wrong messages to the younger generation watching the games of the NFL. It’s a shame that Roger Goodell hasn’t stepped in and done the right thing, and it’s a bigger shame for anyone who tries to defend Greg Hardy. There is no excuse for any type of domestic violence and it certainly should not go unpunished.