NFL: Picking The Week 11 Winners


There will be no Pittsburgh Steelers game this weekend, however, the rest of the NFL marches on… so do Harv’s picks for the week.

Tennessee Titans at Jacksonville Jaguars: Week 11 kicks off with a game that actually means something in the AFC South. Tennessee may not have a chance at first place, but surprisingly Jacksonville does just one game behind the Indianapolis Colts and Houston Texans. They inch closer on Thursday. Jaguars 31 Titans 21.

Dallas Cowboys at Miami Dolphins: Tony Romo returns! Dallas loses anyway. Dolphins 24 Cowboys 23.

Denver Broncos at Chicago Bears: Will this season be Peyton Manning’s curtain call? He’s been taking a lot of criticism with Denver’s current losses. The Bears will challenge Denver and give them problems. Bears 27 Broncos 24.

Indianapolis Colts at Atlanta Falcons: Two teams fighting for their playoff lives and to rebound from poor performances. The Falcons can hardly afford another loss with Carolina stretching the distance. Falcons 37 Colts 21.

New York Jets at Houston Texans: Houston should make it two in a row. Texans 19 Jets 16.

Oakland Raiders at Detroit Lions: The Lions shocked Green Bay to the point it may have gotten inside their heads. It won’t be a repeat. Raiders 34 Lions 14.

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St. Louis Rams at Baltimore Ravens: Nick Foles gets benched, Case Keenum takes over. It could be ugly in Baltimore, as the Ravens got robbed last week against Jacksonville and now will take it out on the Rams. Ravens 32 Rams 10.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers at Philadelphia Eagles: Before the season who would have predicted these two teams would have identical records in week 11? Probably no one. But with 4-5 marks, the playoffs are not out of site for either. Eagles 23 Bucs 14.

Washington Redskins at Carolina Panthers: Is this the week? NOT. Panthers 35 Redskins 3.

Kansas City Chiefs at San Diego Chargers: Someone in sports was heard on the radio the other day saying the Chiefs are going to the playoffs. That won’t happen if they lose to the Chargers. San Diego is tired of the close losses. Chargers 28 Chiefs 21.

Green Bay Packers at Minnesota Vikings: Can the Pack stop the bleeding? You can be sure the Vikes are going to be pumped for this one. Vikings 27 Packers 21.

San Francisco 49ers Seattle Seahawks: Seattle’s warmup before the Black and Gold rolls in. Seahawks 33 49ers 9.

Cincinnati Bengals Arizona Cardinals: Cincinnati Bengals, look over your shoulders…the Steelers are creeping up. If Arizona pulls the victory, the Steelers find themselves just two games behind with a win in Seattle and depending on what Cincy does next. If you are a Steelers fan…root root root for the Cardinals! Cardinals 21 Bengals 17.

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Buffalo Bills New England Patriots: Finally, there is the only other undefeated team outside Carolina. No way does Buffalo pull this upset in New England. Patriots 34 Bills 17.

Lots can happen in week 11. Two undefeated teams could lose their first, division leads will be impacted, some teams may be saying goodbye to any playoff hopes. The finish line is not far off!