Top 10 quarterbacks in Steelers history

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3. Neil O’Donnell

The predecessor to Kordell Stewart in Pittsburgh University of Maryland product Neil O’Donnell.

Despite a solid career in Pittsburgh, he will forever be remembered for being the “goat” of Super Bowl XXX. With two awful interceptions thrown at the Dallas Cowboys in that game, “O’Dummy” as he would become known to some Steelers fans will never be forgiven by many members of Steeler Nation.

Aside from those two major gaffes in Super Bowl XXX, O’Donnell was actually a very good quarterback who played with outstanding efficiency. His poor performance in 1996 against Dallas was out of character for No. 14.

Previously, O’Donnell and Cowher had Steelers faithful scratching their heads in the AFC title game against San Diego when with a chance to win that game on a first and goal, O’Donnell tried to force passes into the end zone instead of handing the ball off. Despite these moments, O’Donnell is still one of the best quarterbacks to ever don the black and gold.

O’Donnell ranks fourth on the Steelers’ all-time passing list with 12,867 yards. He is fourth in passing touchdowns and his passer rating of 81.8 ranks only second to Ben Roethlisberger’s current mark of 93.9 among starting quarterbacks.

Unfortunately, losing that Super Bowl has tainted O’Donnell’s legacy as a Pittsburgh Steelers’ quarterback. His choice to later leave the Steelers for the New York Jets was ill-advised as he would play the next season for a team that would finish 1-15.

For New York, he had six starts and lost all six. From 1997 to 2003 when he retired with the Tennessee Titans, Neil O’Donnell would start in just another 33 games after leaving Pittsburgh.

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