NFL: Harv’s Quick Strikes


What’s on tap for the NFL’s 32 teams in Week 14?

Arizona Cardinals: Arizona clinched a playoff spot on Thursday night with their victory over the Minnesota Vikings. Cards fans would probably high five Teddy Bridgewater if they had the chance after his costly last minute fumble in enemy territory. The Vikings were in a position to kick a game tying field goal.

Atlanta Falcons: Atlanta is next up on the Carolina Panthers unbeaten trail. Good luck.

Baltimore Ravens: Will Ravens fans show up Sunday to watch Seattle and see a good football team, or will they be there to support their own team who’s season is already all but over?

Buffalo Bills: The Bills still have a shot at the post-season, but the Eagles need the win as well.

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Carolina Panthers: The 12-0 record speaks for itself but to prove that Carolina is in fact the league’s best team will only be determined by a Super Bowl victory.

Chicago Bears: The Redskins blew their last game with a costly error.  Now to stay in the division race they will need a road win in tough Chicago.

Cincinnati Bengals: Any conversation about the Cincinnati Bengals no longer includes the regular season. Now it’s all about anticipation for that first playoff game.

Cleveland Browns: Johnny Manziel again. Let’s see if he can get through a game and then the following week without ending up on the news for his antics off the field.

Dallas Cowboys: The final four weeks in the NFC East should be entertaining. Who wins the division? Can Dallas get it done without Romo? How bizarre would that be if they went deep into the post season without T.R.?

Denver Broncos: If the chips fall in the right direction this weekend, the Broncos could be NFC West division champs.

Detroit Lions: The Lions are fun to watch again!

Green Bay Packers: A classic historical matchup between two storied franchises in Sunday that includes the infamous “Ice Bowl.” Bring on Dallas.

Houston Texans: As much as Steelers fans do not like New England, they will be rooting for them to defeat Houston

Indianapolis Colts: They will try to fend off the hope-to-spoil Jaguars.

Jacksonville Jaguars: On talk radio in Jacksonville, Jaguars players are jabbering about how good they are and even went as far to say they could complete with any team in the NFL. Yea right.

Kansas City Chiefs: Can Pittsburgh surpass the Chiefs by season’s end? Not if they are playing weak teams like the San Diego Chargers.

Miami Dolphins: The New York Giants better take the Dolphins seriously come Sunday.

Minnesota Vikings: I wonder what after thoughts Teddy Bridgewater had last Thursday night when he failed to recognize the pressure coming in on him on that final play?

New England Patriots: Will they drop their third straight?

New Orleans Saints: Like the Baltimore Ravens, this has been a season to forget down in the Big Easy.

New York Giants: The Giants will try to stay in first place in one of the NFL’s worst divisions.

New York Jets: The Jets have quietly earned a 7-5 record. Watch out for the quiet ones as they say.

Oakland Raiders: Oakland has come a long way since last season but they still have a longer way to go. With that said, they may have found themselves a coach that will be around for a while.

Philadelphia Eagles: The Chip Kelley show took a hit from LeSean McCoy this week. Much made about nothing.

Pittsburgh Steelers: Their defense may not be the best in the NFL but their offense certainly is. When the defense is playing to the best of their abilities, this team could be the best kept secret in the league.

San Diego Chargers: Another underachieving season in San Diego.

San Francisco 49ers: Is Gabbert’s success Kaepernick’s end in 49er-ville?

Seattle Seahawks: Once thought to be in the slide, Seattle’s arrow is point up high again.

St. Louis Rams: Pretty much an uneventful, non-exciting season in St. Louis. 

Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Will Jameis Winston be the NFL’s Rookie of the Year?

Tennessee Titans: Does Mike Mularkey return in 2016 as the Tennessee Titans head coach?

Next: Was trading Neil Walker to the Mets really worth it?

Washington Redskins: Kirk Cousins has done a respectable job at quarterback enough to silence all conversations regarding R.G. III who seems to have been lost in NFL cooler talk.