“Burgh Proud” Pittsburgh Penguins T-shirt


The Pittsburgh Penguins are back in the Stanley Cup Finals after a crazy and entertaining season. It took elite play from 2 different goalies, key players stepping up in the right moments and 7 heart-racing games in the Conference Finals against the Tampa Bay Lighting.

Now the Penguins have a taken game one of the Stanley Cup Finals and the people of Pittsburgh and fans of Pittsburgh sports have been behind the Penguins every step of the way. Everyone is getting in on the act including the Steelers, the Pirates, Duquesne, the Pitt Panthers, Coach Patt Narduzi and so many more:

Now thanks to Breaking T you too can show your Burgh Pride as well with their latest Burgh Proud Shirt. The Pens are just 3 wins away from bringing Lord Stanley’s cup back where it belongs. The time is now to be ‘burgh proud. Let’s Go Pens!  #BurghProud

BreakingT’s shirts are extremely soft and durable, and they age particularly well. If you’re trying to decide between sizes, go with the larger of the two.

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