Pitt’s Offense Continues to Struggle in Ugly Win

Pitt football pulled off yet another win in Week Ten despite another week filled with sloppy offensive play.

Another week is in the books for Pitt football, and yet again, it was a week filled with sloppy offensive play and dominant defensive effort. Unlike last week when offensive miscues lead to a loss against Miami, Pitt was able to handle business this week by beating Georgia Tech. It wasn’t pretty, as quarterback Kenny Pickett threw two interceptions, and Pitt scored just three points after halftime, but once again, it didn’t matter.

Defensively, Pitt is a great team capable of slowing down almost any offense in the country. Against Georgia Tech, that greatness was on full display yet again. Not that Georgia Tech is an elite offensive force, but the way they were thoroughly dominated shows how good this Panthers defense is. Not only did they shut down the passing game, but they were able to slow down a running game that came into the game averaging over 160 yards per game. Jordan Mason was Georgia Tech’s rushing leader with just 56 yards on 15 carries, averaging only 3.7 yards per carry. Linebackers Saleem Brightwell and Kylan Johnson were all over the field in this one, using their instincts and speed to make plays all day long.

Unfortunately, the offense continues to underwhelm for Pitt. Kenny Pickett has regressed, looking scared in the pocket and launching poor throws and interceptions with regularity. Meanwhile, the running game has improved but remains an uninspiring unit. With a defense as stellar as this one, Pitt doesn’t need to be an excellent offensive team, but at some point, they are going to need to look competent.

It’s been a season filled with ugly wins for Pitt football, but at the end of the day, as long as the wins keep coming, it’s impossible to complain too much. The offensive ineptitude seems likely to cost them in a big way at some point this season, but with a defense this good, maybe Pitt can continue to surprise.