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Pittsburgh Pirates Fans Must Avoid Highs and Lows in Long Season


How opinions can change in the matter of a week.

That’s what you see right now when it come to Pittsburgh Pirates fans.

A week ago, the radio air waives were filled with calls talking about how the Bucs would win the National League Central and how they would be in first place at the All-Star break. That came after the Bucs won five straight games and headed to Baltimore in a share of first place.

Just four games later, the opinion of Pirates fans have change. After four straight losses, the same air waives are filled with calls about these are the same old Pirates and a 20th consecutive losing season in inevitable.

That’s a drastic 180 degree turn in a span of four days.

The reality is though, the opinion shouldn’t change.

It’s only four games of a long 162 game season.

You weren’t placing orders for playoff tickets after five consecutive wins. You shouldn’t be abandoning ship after four straight losses.

That’s why the baseball season is a marathon and not a sprint.

The Bucs and Pirates fans as well have to watch getting to high after a few wins or getting too low after a few losses.

By now, you know what this team is.  They are a team that will pitch well on most nights and will have problems scoring runs on most nights. On the rare
occasions where they can get the pitching and the bats on the same night, you will see stretches like the one the Pirates had from May 25-June 10 where the Bucs went an MLB best 12-3.

Yet when they don’t, you will see stretches like the past four games.

Through the course of 162 games, things have a way of evening themselves out.

What that means is stick with this team and see what happens. Don’t buy your playoff tickets just yet, but don’t throw in the towel either.

Four games doesn’t make a season. There’s a lot of baseball left to be played. Let’s hang around and see what happens.