2015 Pittsburgh Donnybrook: The Sweet Science On St. Patrick’s Day

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Team Pittsburgh Vs. Team Ireland

The training and conditioning is complete for the moment. The sparring sessions are behind the participants. These preliminary bouts begin at 5 p.m. and form the non-televised under card.

Fight 1 – Weight Class: Light Flywight (100 lbs.)
Team Pittsburgh’s Nehemiah Hollinger, 14-years-old from the Pittsburgh Boxing Club, Mt. Washington Vs. Team Ireland’s Carl Carruth, 14-years-old from Drimnaugh Boxing Club (DBC), Dublin.

Fight 2 – Weight Class: Flyweight (110 lbs.)
Team Pittsburgh’s Tatyana Feliciano, 14-years-old from Erie Boxing Club Vs. Team Ireland’s Leah Tate from DBC.

Fight 3 – Weight Class: Flyweight
Team Pittsburgh’s Gordon Kirkland, 13-years-old from Erie Boxing Vs. Team Ireland’s Jordan Wade from DBC.

Fight 4 – Weight Class: Featherweight (119 lbs.)
Team Pittsburgh’s Alexa Musulin, 16-years-old, from South Park Boxing Club Vs. Team Ireland’s Kellie McLoughlin, 17-years-old, from DBC.

Fight 5 – Weight Class: Featherweight
Team Pittsburgh’s Jane Quinlan, 24-years-old from Ray Schaffer Boxing Club Vs. Team Ireland’s Agnes Kulcsar, 25-years-old from DBC.

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