2015 Pittsburgh Donnybrook: The Sweet Science On St. Patrick’s Day

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Battling For The Ambassador’s Cup Continues

The Opening Ceremonies get underway at 7:30 p.m. The Pittsburgh Cable News Channel will broadcast the next 11 bouts commencing at 8:05 p.m. That is also when WPXI.com will begin live streaming of the event.

Fight 1 – Weight Class: Flyweight (114 lbs.)
Team Pittsburgh’s Josh Mook, 15-years-old from Steel City Boxing Club Vs. Team Ireland’s Ryan Glennon, 15-years-old, from DBC.

Fight 2 – Weight Class: Flyweight (115 lbs.)
Team Pittsburgh’s Cameron Donnelly, 15-years-old, from Pittsburgh Boxing, Route 51 Vs. Team Ireland’s Jack Gill, 14-years-old, from DBC.

Fight 3 – Weight Class: Lightweight (132 lbs.)
Team Pittsburgh’s Elhan Nevzadi, 19-years-old from Bob Davis Boxing Club Vs. Team Ireland’s Dylan Tang, 19-years-old from Mulhuddart Boxing Club, Dublin.

Fight 4 – Weight Class: Light Welterweight (141 lbs.)
Team Pittsburgh’s Charlie Wright, 15-years-old, Independent Vs. Team Ireland’s Jack Kavanaugh, 15-years-old, from DBC.

Fight 5 – Weight Class: Light Welterweight
Team Pittsburgh’s Dan Buckley, 21-years-old, from Steel City Boxing Vs. Team Ireland’s Senan Kelly, 19-years-old, from St. Saviours Boxing Club, Dublin.

Fight 6 – Weight Class: Bantamweight (119 lbs.)
Team Pittsburgh’s Mike Withrow, 17-years-old, Independent Vs. Team Ireland’s Michael Sweeney, 17-years-old, from DBC.

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