Pitt Football Recruiting: Handicapping Damar Hamlin’s Top 10 Schools

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In my most recent post, I alluded to Central Catholic football star Damar Hamlin narrowing his copious amounts of interested schools down to a top 10, which included Pitt.

Now to elaborate a tad on the subject, we are going to take a look into what we can expect going forward – all the way down to a top three and predicting the winner of the prized possession.

First, let’s revisit his top ten as of 6/3/15:

Contained within the top ten are an array of schools that boast both history and a culture of football supremacy. Programs that cherish speed, intensity, and defense. Lastly, programs that know a good player with great potential when they spot one.

How I see the TOP EIGHT panning out, with no particular order:

How I envision the TOP FIVE panning out, with no particular order:

  • Pitt
  • Penn State
  • Ohio State
  • Notre Dame
  • Virginia Tech

How I envision the TOP THREE panning out, with no particular order:

  • Pitt
  • Ohio State
  • Virginia Tech

I break down the top three on the following pages…