Pitt Football Recruiting: Handicapping Damar Hamlin’s Top 10 Schools

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After looking at what each program can bring to the player, let’s look at what the player can bring to the program.

Looking at cosmetics, Hamlin is rated as a four-star prospect going into his senior season at Pittsburgh Central Catholic. 

Listed at 6-foot-1 and 175 pounds, he has room to grow. That’s not a knock as every high school senior has room to bulk up.

Hamlin is a physical corner with fantastic instincts as I alluded to before, which as a freshman at the next level might generate swiss cheese-like holes in his coverage, but his athleticism could easily cover for initial fundamental flaws.

I’m not saying he will be a world-beater as a freshman out of the gates, but rather a potential “can’t miss” recruit with the proper coaching. Something that the top three would all support and supply to Damar.

At this point, you’re probably all wondering who I actually believe will gain the services of Damar Hamlin next fall, and I promise to not be caving to bias when I say,


Mandatory Credit: Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

As a final sub-post, I would like to take the time to say;

I as a person who is heavily immersed into all things college football, I am not trying to generate a sense of “COME PLAY HERE!! WE ARE SO MUCH BETTER THAN EVERYONE ELSE!! PLEASE!!!!!!”

I am not about that at all.

Recruits coming out of high school have their plates full. They know and understand that everyone wants them to play for their “favorite” team, but we on social media need to give them their due space and not drown them in suggestive tweets about why “this place is so much better than that place.” That is what the recruiters and others are out their to do and do with dignity and respect for their respective institutions.

They will choose to play and attend a campus that is the right fit for them and their futures. Not play here or there because we are fans.

I know it’s an empty wish because that is what drives fandom, but I wish it were toned down about 120 degrees.

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