NFL: Week Eight Quick Strikes


Another NFL week down…another quick analysis of all 32 teams. Who’s hot and who’s not. Who’s up and who’s down. The Pittsburgh Steelers are a bit down but could and should get up this Sunday with the return of Ben Roethlisberger.

Arizona Cardinals: Did anyone really think Baltimore had a chance? The NFC West is Arizona’s to lose.

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Atlanta Falcons: In a week NFC, Atlanta should make the post-season.

Baltimore Ravens: Shocking…simply shocking. I wonder what Terrell Suggs thinks of his team now?

Buffalo Bills: Thought to be one of the better teams in the AFC, they sit at 3-4.

Carolina Panthers: Biggest surprise of the NFL. How many wins can they put in the bank?

Chicago Bears: It’s going to be a miserable rest of the year in the city of Chicago. Cubs get swept, Bears have won only two of six games.

Cincinnati Bengals: Cincinnati has been already tested this season and came out with flying colors. This could be their toughest battle to date given the opponent and circumstances.

Cleveland Browns: He’s not playing but he is still making headlines. “Johnny Football” is more popular for his off-the-field antics rather than his on-the-field performances.

Dallas Cowboys: A team in deep trouble.

Denver Broncos: Said to have the NFL’s best defense, that theory will be put to a huge test on Sunday.

Detroit Lions: Heading for one of the 1980’s years.

Green Bay Packers: A chance to put a stamp on how good they are in Denver.

Houston Texans: See you Ryan! Mallet gets cut but how does that help the team?

Indianapolis Colts: Another team in trouble. Then again, they are 3-4 and at the top of their division. That doesn’t say much for the AFC South.

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  • Jacksonville Jaguars: The Jags are actually just one win behind the Colts? Really? They also cut Josh Scobee who got cut by the Steelers, but now their current kicker is in hot water.

    Kansas City Chiefs: Will the big win over Pittsburgh turn their season around?

    Miami Dolphins: Two straight wins to get even at three, now they get the Patriots. Good luck.

    Minnesota Vikings: It will be interesting to see where the Vikes are at season’s end.

    New England Patriots: For those who don’t like the New England Patriots, by now those fans must really be sick of this team.

    New Orleans Saints: Desperately trying to salvage their season.

    New York Giants: Identical record to that of the Pittsburgh Steelers, but unlike the Steelers, the ‘Gints are in first place.

    New York Jets: Holding off the Dolphins with one victory better.

    Oakland Raiders: Can they catch the Denver Broncos? They are certainly playing well.

    Philadelphia Eagles: Consider themselves lucky for being in the NFC East where the teams are not very good and the Eagles despite sporting a losing record are just a game behind first place.

    Pittsburgh Steelers
    Pittsburgh Steelers /

    Pittsburgh Steelers

    Pittsburgh Steelers: The triumphant early return of Big Ben. Nervous Steelers Nation? You should be. Excited? Absolutely, but let’s hope that knee holds up. As Kurt Warner put it, when Roethlsiberger is healthy, the Steelers offense can hang with anyone in the league including New England.

    San Diego Chargers: Philip Rivers must be really tired of the losing. How many more seasons can he go through this while being one of the better quarterbacks in the league?

    San Francisco 49ers: Do you think Jim Harbaugh cursed this team before he left?

    Seattle Seahawks: Things could be turning in Seattle’s favor about now. They are still extremely dangerous.

    St. Louis Rams: Don’t take this team lightly. Todd Gurley is heading for Rookie of the Year honors. He’s averaging 110.5 yards per game rushing with three starts thus far.

    Tampa Bay Buccaneers: They are contending and that’s all Tampa fans wanted for at least this season.

    Tennessee Titans: Sometimes a rookie promising quarterback just doesn’t complete the team.

    Washington Redskins: RG3 is quickly becoming forgotten, so much so ex-NFL star Herschel Walker has gone public to say the ‘Skins should send Griffin packing to Dallas to replace Tony Romo while Romo sits.

    Put your seatbelts on NFL fans, another exciting slate of games are upon us and it’s impossible to predict what takes place on any given pro football weekend. Make sure you return to this column next week to find out the latest thoughts about where teams stand after another week of games. As always, comments are welcome!

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