NFL Quick Strikes: Week Eight Observations


It’s halftime in the National Football League so to speak with most teams having played half of the 16 games scheduled. For some teams, they already know they will be playing in the NFL post-season and for others, it is a time to start thinking rebuilding and looking towards 2016.

Here’s how the league’s 32 teams are looking heading into the second half of the season.

Arizona Cardinals: The Cards will have to keep their heads on a swivel and eyes looking over their shoulders as the defending NFC champion Seahawks are staying close.

Atlanta Falcons: The Carolina Panthers continue to force the Falcons to keep winning to stay close to the division  lead.

Baltimore Ravens: They head into their bye week with just two victories. Not the first half of the season the Ravens or their fans expected.

Buffalo Bills: Perhaps the off week helped the Bills refocus and see the potential put on them in the preseason.

Carolina Panthers: Heading into what could be one of the best games in the league this season, a showdown with the big, bad, Green Bay Packers.

Chicago Bears: Could a dismal losing season end Jay Cutler’s stay in Chicago? 2-5 and counting…

Cincinnati Bengals: Can they duplicate these efforts in the playoffs?

Cleveland Browns: There have been so many starting quarterbacks in Cleveland it can make you dizzy. None have reached the “franchise QB” level.

Dallas Cowboys: They nearly knocked off Seattle, now a key game against rival Philly.

Denver Broncos: Impressive beat down of Green Bay, they head into shaky Indianapolis for what should be a win.

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Detroit Lions: It’s turned into a complete mess in Detroit.

Green Bay Packers: It’s been several years since Aaron Rodgers lost two games in a row, that could change on Sunday.

Houston Texans: Will JJ Watt ever see a Super Bowl? Sure…from his easy chair or in a stadium seat.

Indianapolis Colts: A loss at home to Denver could completely ruin this team’s mojo.

Jacksonville Jaguars: A win in New York against the Jets would be impressive…if it could happen which it won’t.

Kansas City Chiefs: Bye week for the Chiefs as Jamaal Charles can now hang out with Le’Veon Bell the rest of the season.

Miami Dolphins: The ‘Phins just can’t find the right formula.

Minnesota Vikings: Teddy Bridgewater just continues to prove critics wrong.

New England Patriots: This weekend’s slaughter victim…the Washington Redskins.

New Orleans Saints: Many can’t wait to see how Drew Brees follows up last week’s masterful performance.

New York Giants: Jason Pierre-Paul isn’t playing but he continues to make headlines thanks to his 4th of July mishap.

New York Jets: A dangerous defense but an inept offense keeps this team from being a real contender.

Oakland Raiders: Maybe the surprise team of the league this season? Two old rivals clash this Sunday.

Pittsburgh Steelers
Pittsburgh Steelers /

Pittsburgh Steelers

Philadelphia Eagles: One team is a game behind the 4-4 first place Giants and the other team not far back with two wins. One team will inch closer to New York.

Pittsburgh Steelers: The Dri Archer experiment is finally over. Mark him down as a bust. Jacoby Jones comes in to return kicks. Baltimore didn’t want the man who Mike Tomlin nearly interfered with on a return a few seasons and is now wearing the Black and Gold. How ironic. Why he didn’t perform well in San Diego is surprising. Many Steelers fans will be happy two have him, one of those writes this column.

San Diego Chargers: It’s hard to believe that Philip Rivers has the most passing yards in the NFL this season given the team’s record.

San Francisco 49ers: A new chapter in San Francisco or just a short break for Colin Kaepernick?

Seattle Seahawks: Many NFC teams heading towards the post-season are probably hoping this team fails to make it.

St. Louis Rams: It’s now the “Todd Gurley show” in St. Louis and the rookie is grabbing the attention of football fans and fantasy players everywhere.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers: A great win for a young team last weekend.

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Tennessee Titans: MIke Mularkey now makes the calls. His reign begins in New Orleans. Ouch.

Washington Redskins: Any chance of beating New England on the road? No way. Any of chance of keeping it close? I say it again…no way.