Top 10 quarterbacks in Steelers history

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9. Mike Tomczak

Like Batch, Mike Tomczak was not an original member of the Pittsburgh Steelers. His career began with the Chicago Bears in 1985 where he played six seasons before heading to Green Bay, Cleveland, and then Pittsburgh in 1993.

Tomczak spent more years in Pittsburgh than he did with any other team. He spent seven years in the Steel City in which he started 27 games and finished with a 15-12 record. His stats don’t reflect the winning attitude he carried to the field.

His QB rating was not impressive with a 71.6 mark nor was his interception to touchdown ratio of 43 to 37. In addition, Tomczak was sacked 50 times in 84 total games he appeared in or started.

With 6,649 yards passing and a 56.1 completion percentage, many view him as similar to Batch. He was the quarterback of record in 1996 when the Steelers and Tennessee Titans met at Three Rivers Stadium.

Tennessee outlasted Pittsburgh 47-36 in that game, which amounted to the record for most combined points scored in a single game at the old Steeler stadium.

Despite his lackluster stats and overall mediocrity Tomczak was very well liked in the ‘Burgh.

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