Top 10 quarterbacks in Steelers history

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8. Mike Kruzcek

Perhaps if Terry Bradshaw had never been drafted in 1970, Mike Kruzcek would have had more of a career in Pittsburgh. However—like many backups before and after him—Kruzcek had the unfortunate experience of playing behind a great quarterback.

Mike Kruzcek played just five NFL seasons, serving his first four as a member of the Pittsburgh Steelers. Drafted in the second round in 197, the quarterback from Boston College is appeared in 29 games for Pittsburgh but started in just six.

However, in those six starts, he never lost a game. He had a perfect record of 6-0, but Kruzcek finished each game without throwing a touchdown pass. Kruzcek’s final season in 1980 was with the Washington Redskins where he would get one starting opportunity. Again, there was not a single touchdown pass thrown.

So one might ask why Kruzcek is on the short list of Pittsburgh’s best quarterbacks?

When he was called upon to play he played with a winning attitude which resulted in his undefeated record. Of course, it helps when you have 10 other great players around you. How Kruzcek would have fared had he been a full time starter will never be known, but he was a solid backup.

These days, the 62-year-old holds the position of head coach for the Trinity Preparatory School of Florida.

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